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Tebow is an embryo transfer we raised and retained part interest to contribute his highly maternal and feed efficiency traits. His perfect uddered, hard milking dam is our cornerstone female who has produced herd bulls walking at Hahn Cattle, Clegg Angus, Double Q Angus, McMillin Ranching and Leo Leblanc's. His first calf crop averaged mid 80 lb birthweights with several weaning over 1000 lbs. Tebow redefines curve-bending with accelerated birth to weaning growth- maintaining a moderate frame and maternally stacked pedigree. With Active Duty semen in limited supply, Tebow offers unique genetics outcross to most programs in Canada. 
Canadian qualified semen available. Contact us today.

  Kueber Tebow 10C  

Sire: RB Active Duty 0100X
Dam: Norseman Lady Blossom 3'05 MGS: Belvin Nighthawk
Full Pedigree 
Sire: RB Active Duty 0010X
Maternal Sib: Kueber Willis 6C 
Kueber Farms, Red Angus Canada,

  Red Northline CRSL  Goodfella 341Z 

Sire: Red Northline Fat Tony 605U
Dam: Red Northline Creamsoda 241X 
MGS: Red Northline Crush 59R
Full Pedigree 
  • 2013 Reserve Champion Red Angus bull at the N.I.L.E (Billings, MT)
  • 2012 NWSS Reserve Spring Bull calf champion
Goodfella was one purchase we knew we "had to have" when viewing him for the first time at side of his tremendous dam. Goodfella has always had that "stand-out", "unique", "stout" look during his entire development. Phenotypically, he exhibits an abundance of muscle shape through his lower third and stifle which is uniquely combined in a great haired, well balanced, calving-ease package. Perhaps most impressive about this herdsire is his ability to transmit these characteristics on many diverse matings. Goodfella was sold to Diamond C Ranch in 2016, but will continue to see heavy use in via artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

Owned with:

Collier's Diamond C Ranch (Stephenville, TX), Kueber Farms, Northline Angus, Pittman Holdings, Carousel Farms 

Dam: Creamsoda 241X
Goodfella - Res. Ch. N.I.L.E 
Goodfella as a calf

  Red Kueber Hot Wheels 22Z  

Hot Wheels is a son of the 2010 Canadian National Champion Real Deal, and out of our top producing red cow, 421W. Hot Wheels offers sheer power, mass, and athleticism. Appropriately named 'Hot Wheels'- he stands on big, black, square feet with added depth of heel. Hot Wheels was the high seller of our 2013 Bull Sale selling to Kelendorfer farms. In 2017 we were fortunate to acquire walking rights to secure his influence. 
Canadian Qualified Semen Available
Kueber Farms, Red Angus Canada, Killam, AB
Sire: Red Terron Real Deal 01W
Dam: Red Cornerstone Princess 421W
MGS: Red SVR Knight 73P
Full Pedigree
Dam: Princess 421W
Slingshot (Unanimous 29D) was the high selling angus bull out of the 2017 'In Pursuit of Perfection' bull sale. After touring much of Saskatchewan that spring,  Slingshot ranked high on our list for his rugged design, muscle shape, and performance values. He posted an actual 1545 lb YW on Feb 15th, yet remains nice in his heart girth, good footed, and stout in his design. Slingshot ranks high maternally as his Upshot dam, and two grand dams all hit the maternal trifecta: udder composition, production, and longevity.

  RRAR Slingshot 29D 

Sire: Visions Unanimous
Dam: RRAR Queen Ruth 15A
MGS: EXAR Upshot
Full Pedigree
Sire: Visions Unanimous
Dam: RRAR Queen Ruth 15A
Grand dam: RRAR Queen Ruth 8W
Grand dam: Vision Edella 665

Other past & present sires:

Kueber Farms, Canadian Angus, Daines Heavy Si
Daines Heavy Si 57Z
HA Outside 5307
Kueber Willis 6C
Northline Fortress 225U
HF Transit 3C
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